The Entwined Technology Set, by Rich C. Laramy, is a unique futuristic scientific discipline fiction fresh that has enough futuristic changes and turns to keep you turning the pages till you happen to be completely weary. The main identity, Alex, your computer programmer ideal for the top-secret Project Freelancer, a top magic formula government project to develop new technologies in virtually every discipline imaginable. Since the deadline approaches to get the submission with the project’s applications, more than one person starts to disappear, every single and everyone declaring to be active in the job at some level.

One of the most interesting theories at your workplace within the scenario centers about what is happening with the incomprehensible ‘Entanglers’. Entanglers are referred to as huge spherical entities that had been used by the US military in the 1950’s as a method of playing incoming radar. These mystical spherical things were considered to be used against incoming missiles or airplane, but had been they actually used when defense systems against several impending technical warfare?

A brand new device called the Disruptor Beam mixture was released, with the objective of using the same technology as the Entanglers for a variety of reasons. One justification they were released was to resist the appearing technology known as ‘Star Wars’. The products were said to be capable of destroying anything with a wavelength longer than their own and were effective of wrecking anything with a wavelength shorter than their own. In actuality it is unclear the way the technology might have been used against the Star Wars’ ships since no this kind of weapons existed at the time, therefore the disperse for the energy destruction was clearly a different technology than we were looking meant for.



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