Unfortunately, it often fails to do so, although newer driver versions actually exist. If you have the default DNS servers assigned by your ISP and if they aren’t optimized properly, it could be the reason why your Steam downloads are so slow.

  • To play, download the most recent version of the Xbox App from the Microsoft Store.
  • It can be frustrating when you download heavy games with a file size of more than 50GB.
  • Now open the command prompt and type the command ping google.com.
  • For that reason, we’ve created a bunch of ‘how-to’ pages on the most common bug fixes.
  • Considering that, we recommend to select a less-congested server for Steam download temporarily instead.

In fact i have today tried to uninstall all sound and audio devices and removing related drive files. The drivers for the usb headsets are the same as for the ither devices. The headset works right now but will see if they become disabled again tonight. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro has a reputation as one of the best data recovery software programs on the market. It comes with a selection of advanced features, including partition recovery, formatted drive restoration, and corrupted file repair. After finishing the process, you should be able to use your USB drive or external hard drive to save or transfer data to your PC again.

Session Timed Out

For the most part, you should be able to max out your internet connection without any issues. Now that you know how to limit your download speed on Steam, you’ll have no problem using the internet while downloading games on your computer.

Replace A Faulty Laptop Keyboard

If you have some other programs opened while trying to complete your Steam download, these can actually greatly hinder your download speed. Especially if certain programs are also connected to the internet and using data, you should look into closing them. All of the methods outlined here can help you get much faster download speeds for your Steam games, allowing you to begin your game much more quickly. Try these tips out and see just how much time is cut off from your next Steam download.



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